Intelligent Solutions for your
Manufacturing Industry

Precise Indoor Location Based

Location Based Auto Identification

Real-Time Visibility

Digital Twin

Smart Production Management
Quality History Management
Value Chain Management

Real-Time Asset Location in Factory

Manages real-time location of the product which attached UWB Tag

Location Based Auto Identification for Assembly

Configuration of Virtual Workstation in the GeoSpace platform this provides automatic identification of product at the station.

Location Based Smart Logistics System

Provide best efficient of FIFO(First In First Out) management with accurate location of assets.

Mobile Quality Control

Using Smartphone based location system for quality management

Get more profit & Become smarter

Reduce response time of issues

Increase Lead time

Decrease ordinary inventory stock

Anywhere, Anytime monitoring

Facility data gathering and analysis

Downsizing of Information System

Increase Productivity

Enhanced Quality Management

Legacy System Integration

Smart Location Factory